Serverless SDN - Network Engineering Analysis of Appswitch

Network engineering analysis of one of the most unorthodox networking solutions for containers

OpenStack SDN - OpenContrail With BGP VPN

In this post I’ll show how to build a dockerized OpenStack and OpenContrail lab, integrate it with Juniper MX80 DC-GW and demonstrate one of Contrail’s most interesting and unique features called BGP-as-a-Service

OpenStack SDN - OpenDaylight With BGP VPN

In this post I’ll demonstrate how to build a simple OpenStack lab with OpenDaylight-managed virtual networking and integrate it with a Cisco IOS-XE data centre gateway using EVPN

OpenStack SDN - NFV Management and Orchestration

In this post I’ll have a brief look at the NFV MANO framework developed by ETSI and create a simple vIDS network service using Tacker

OpenStack SDN - Skydiving Into Service Function Chaining

In this post I’ll show how to configure Neutron’s service function chaining, troubleshoot it with Skydive and how SFC is implemented in OVS forwarding pipeline

OpenStack SDN - Building a Containerized OpenStack Lab

I’m returning to my OpenStack SDN series to explore some of the new platform features like service function chaining, network service orchestration, intent-based networking and dynamic WAN routing. To kick things off I’m going to demonstrate my new fully-containerized OpenStack Lab that I’ve built using an OpenStack project called Kolla

OpenStack SDN With OVN (Part 2) - Network Engineering Analysis

In this post we will see how OVN implements virtual networks for OpenStack. The structure of this post is such that starting from the highest level of networking abstraction we will delve deeper into implementation details with each subsequent section. The biggest emphasis will be on how networking data model gets transformed into a set of logical flows, which eventually become OpenFlow flows. The final section will introduce a new overlay protocol GENEVE and explain why VXLAN no longer satisfies the needs of an overlay protocol.

OpenStack SDN With OVN (Part 1) - Build and Install

This is a first of a two-post series dedicated to project OVN. In this post I’ll show how to build, install and configure OVN to work with a 3-node RDO OpenStack lab

OpenStack SDN - Distributed Virtual Routing

In this post we’ll explore how DVR is implemented in OpenStack Neutron and what are some of its benefits and shortcomings

Automating the Build of OpenStack Lab (Part 2)

In this post we’ll use Chef, unnumbered BGP and Cumulus VX to build a massively scalable ‘Lapukhov’ Leaf-Spine data centre