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In this post I’ll show how to build a dockerized OpenStack and OpenContrail lab, integrate it with Juniper MX80 DC-GW and demonstrate one of Contrail’s most interesting and unique features called BGP-as-a-Service


In this post I’ll demonstrate how to build a simple OpenStack lab with OpenDaylight-managed virtual networking and integrate it with a Cisco IOS-XE data centre gateway using EVPN


In this post I’ll have a brief look at the NFV MANO framework developed by ETSI and create a simple vIDS network service using Tacker


In this post I’ll show how to configure Neutron’s service function chaining, troubleshoot it with Skydive and how SFC is implemented in OVS forwarding pipeline


I’m returning to my OpenStack SDN series to explore some of the new platform features like service function chaining, network service orchestration, intent-based networking and dynamic WAN routing. To kick things off I’m going to demonstrate my new fully-containerized OpenStack Lab that I’ve built using an OpenStack project called Kolla


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OpenStack SDN

Deep dive into the internals of OpenStack SDN

YANG & Ansible

Collection of hands-on posts exploring the details of NETCONF, RESTCONF and YANG programming for IOS-XE and Junos devices

Network CI/CD

Proof of Concept of CI/CD methodology applied to traditional non-SDN network topologies


Exploring the details of REST API SDKs by building our own API library for UNetLab

Ansible network automation

Automating the configuration of a typical enterprise network using Ansible

Network Test-driven development

Automatic validation of network changes using test-driven development methodology