Automating the Build of a FlexVPN Network

In this post I’ll show how to automatically build configuration files for Hubs and Spokes in FlexVPN network topology

Automating New Network Build - Part 2 (BGP)

In this post we’ll have a look at how to automate a typical BGP setup

Automating New Network Build - Part 1

This post will demonstrate how to automate the build of a typical enterprise branch network consisting of a pair of WAN routers, a core switch and 3 access layer switches. I will show how to create the initial bootstrap configuration and enable basic routing with OSPF

Automating Legacy Network Configuration

In this post I’ll show how to take an already established network, pull out some of the common configuration pieces and put them all into a standard Ansible environment

Network Configuration Automation

This post will give a brief overview of network configuration automation, describe its challenges and benefits and will set off a series of posts showing how to automate a configuration of a typical enterprise network