Automating the Build of OpenStack Lab (Part 1)

In this post we will explore what’s required to perform a zero-touch deployment of an OpenStack cloud. We’ll get a 3-node lab up and running inside UNetLab with just a few commands

OpenStack SDN - Interconnecting VMs and Physical Devices With Cumulus VX L2 Gateway

One of the basic function of any data centre network is the ability to communicate with baremetal servers. In this post we’ll see how Neutron L2 Gateway plugin can be used to configure a Cumulus VX switch for VXLAN-VLAN bridging.

OpenStack SDN - Extending a L2 Provider Network Over a L3 Fabric

In the this post we’ll tackle yet another Neutron scalability problem identified in my earlier post- a requirement to have a direct L2 adjacency between the external provider network and the network node

OpenStack SDN - L2 Population and ARP Proxy

In the previous post we’ve had a look at how native OpenStack SDN works and what are some of its limitations. In this post we’ll tackle the first one of them - overhead created by multicast source replication

Network Engineering Analysis of OpenStack SDN

Now that we have our 3-node OpenStack lab [up and running][openstack-post-2] we can start exploring how virtual networks are implemented under the hood

Building a Multi-node OpenStack Lab in UNetLab

In the previous post I’ve demonstrated how to get a working instance of a single-node OpenStack inside UNetLab. In this post we’ll continue building on that by adding two new compute nodes and redesigning our network to resemble something you might actually see in a real life.

OpenStack on UNetlab

In this post I’m going to show how to get a running instance of OpenStack inside a UNetLab virtual machine