Network Automation with CUE - Working with YANG-based APIs

Using CUE to automate YANG-based network APIs

Network Automation with CUE - Advanced workflows

Using CUE for advanced network automation workflows

Network Automation with CUE - Augmenting Ansible workflows

Augmenting Ansible workflows with CUE

Network Automation with CUE - Introduction

Introducing CUE for network automation

Building your own SD-WAN with Envoy and Wireguard

How to build your own SD-WAN with Envoy and Wireguard

YANG & Ansible

Collection of hands-on posts exploring the details of NETCONF, RESTCONF and YANG programming for IOS-XE and Junos devices

Network CI/CD

Proof of Concept of CI/CD methodology applied to traditional non-SDN network topologies


Exploring the details of REST API SDKs by building our own API library for UNetLab

Ansible network automation

Automating the configuration of a typical enterprise network using Ansible

Network Test-driven development

Automatic validation of network changes using test-driven development methodology