Network Simulations with Network Service Mesh

Using Network Service Mesh as a mechanism for large scale network simulations with k8s-topo

Network-as-a-Service Part 3 - Authentication and Admission control

Network-as-a-Service Part 3 - Enabling authentication and admission control to complete tenant separation

Network-as-a-Service Part 2 - Designing a Network API

Network-as-a-Service Part 2 - Designing a Network API with K8s CRDs and custom controllers

Network-as-a-Service Part 1 - Frameworkless automation

Network-as-a-Service Part 1 - building the foundation

Terraform your physical network with YANG

Network Infrastructure as ygot and gNMI code

Multi-Vendor Network Simulations at Scale with meshnet-cni and vrnetlab

Using meshnet-cni and k8s-topo together with vrnetlab

Large-scale network simulations in Kubernetes, Part 2 - Network topology orchestration

Using k8s-topo - network topology orchestration tool for kubernetes

Large-scale network simulations in Kubernetes, Part 1 - Building a CNI plugin

Architecture and design of meshnet CNI - a plugin to create arbitrary virtual network topologies

The problem of unpredictable interface order in multi-network Docker containers

Exploring the problem of and solution to the random interface attachment order inside multi-network Docker containers

Network-CI Part 3 - OSPF to BGP Migration in Active/Standby DC

The final post in a series demonstrates how to use the network-ci tools to safely replace a core routing protocol inside a small Active/Standby Data Centre